Romantic Order is an exploration in images by visual artist Serge Steijn in which he explores the city of Buenos Aires in various layers of abstraction. Studio 200% provided the design for the book and an essay on Steijn’s practice.

‘This Is The Day’ was posted on social media by fans of The The when the only permanent member of the band, Matt Johnson, announced a new tour after a hiatus of 18 years. The line refers to the hit song ‘This Is The Day’ and it was going to be a special day for us too. Johnson wanted to add a new chapter to our series of collaborations such as interviews for 200% and the documentary on his life ‘The Inertia Variations’. He proposed to us to design and edit the tour book programme. We conducted the interviews with Johnson and his band members. The texts were designed as song lyrics printed on the inner sleeve of a vinyl album, paying tribute to Johnson’s talent as a songwriter.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this famous Dutch restaurant, a culinary art book was published. For the book, 25 regular guests were interviewed about their favourite recipe from chef John Halvemaan. In his career, Halvemaan has created some innovative dishes such as foie gras brûlée, steak tartare with oysters, and a sausage of duck meat on a bun with ketchup and sauerkraut presented on the menu as Hot Duck. Halvemaan was also a devoted art lover and he amassed an impressive collection of Dutch Art that adorn the walls of his restaurant. One of the artists that he collects, Robert Zandvliet, created the abstract artworks for the book that respond to the culinary photography by Paul Ruigrok.