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Magazine Depot Journaal

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is currently building an art repository, the first in the world to be accessible to the public opening in Rotterdam in 2020. The museum has a vast amount of content about the depot that they would like to communicate to their visitors.

Studio 200% proposed to present that content in a bi-annual magazine that we titled Depot Journal and follows the creative process of the project. We structured the content into a content plan for the various issues and created a dummy of the visual concept of the Depot Journal. Thierry Somers was appointed as editor of the Journal and he conducts the interviews with key figures of the project from the museum, architect company, construction company and city council.

The Journal informs the reader on how the museum will make its collection accessible to the public, how they preserve the collection for future generations, the design of the building and the latest developments at the construction site. The act of collecting is also the idea behind the cover concept of the magazine. When you lay the six issues next to each other, the outline of the depot will gradually go from orange to red, to purple, to blue, to green, to yellow and back to orange.