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Magazine Okhuysen

Okhuysen is one of the leading fine wine merchants in The Netherlands. The company commissioned Studio 200% to restyle their 35-year-old magazine, Vinée Vineuse, and their exclusive pre-sales brochures for various wine regions including Burgundy, Italy and the Rhône Valley.

A wine enthusiast and graduate from the Wine Academy as a vinoloog, Thierry Somers, has always been an avid reader of Vinée Vineuse. In the articles of the magazine the Okhuysen team takes the reader on a wine journey. They recount the stories of their travels to wine regions, encounters with winemakers, wine tastings and discovery of new wines.

We proposed a more editorial look and feel by making the magazine more contemporary and visually appealing without losing sight of the retail aspect of the magazine: to sell more wines. Also we introduced some lighthearted humour in the headings, photo captions and cartoons for the columns in the magazine. Since the restyling there has been a substantial increase of subscriptions to Vinée Vineuse.

Currently, we are working on the new branding of Okhuysen including the corporate identity, wine cases and boxes, and the delivery trucks. We have successfully launched a new logo (slides 2 and 3) which forms the basis of the company’s new branding.